Master thinker: Firmly grasping 5 golden minutes can change destiny, far vision

Five minutes is just a drop in the pool of life time, but these five minutes can determine the height of your life. If you capture these five golden minutes, your life will become much more leisurely.

Today's era is labeled "fast" era, fast development, fast thinking, fast action, everyone takes advantage of every second to put themselves in the right position with the right jobs.

There is a saying: "Work with a plan will make you stable, without planning, you will fail".

“Prepare” here means to prepare. Get everything ready, even if it's just 5 minutes earlier, your life will become a lot more leisurely.

1. Always arriving 5 minutes earlier is a kind of attitude

A reader shared her experience in a meeting like this: The condition of the female side is very good, she attaches great importance to this meeting, so she stayed at home to take care of her image a bit and went to buy more. a bouquet of fresh flowers. The two were scheduled to meet at the coffee shop at eleven o'clock, but she was five minutes late. The female friend asked coldly, "Why are you late?" She explained: “There was a traffic jam today. Normally, you won't be stuck in traffic at this hour."

The female friend took a sip of coffee and nodded thoughtfully: "Today's coffee I offer. Thank you for being so busy but still taking the time to come see me." She felt like she had just been slapped, embarrassed and depressed, asked, "Is it because you're late?" The female friend replied: "And I came from an hour ago".

Someone said, only a few minutes late, do you need to behave like that?


The female side attaches great importance to this date, so she arrived an hour earlier, but the male side could not come even 5 minutes early. A miss by a mile.

Five minutes is just a drop in the pool of your life time, but these five minutes can determine the height of your life. If you capture these five golden minutes, every step you take can become stronger and more consistent. Instead of letting others wait for you five minutes, arrive five minutes early.

2. Always arrive 5 minutes early is a guarantee

Have gone through countless exams, big and small, but have you ever wondered: Why does each test question have to be played before 5 minutes? The teacher just handed out the exam paper, and emphasized that "do not do it in advance until there is a blank notice to do the test."

There are some people who risk breaking the rules, just wanting to do their homework, because they think it's smart. However, a longtime teacher once shared: "According to my many years of experience in supervising the exam, rushing to do some questions in advance does not give candidates an advantage in the exam."

So the question is, why hand out the test papers first, and what can those 5 minutes do?

“There is a lot to do in these 5 minutes: Check whether the test paper and answer sheets are missing or blurred, the test equipment is complete or not. If you find out in the middle of doing a lesson, all your previous efforts may have to be wasted," emphasized the teacher.

Five minutes is a grain of salt leaving the sea, five minutes is also a foresight. People who don't know how to properly calculate and are greedy for the moment are often the ones who make big mistakes.

As a writer once said, “Minor voids, if used wisely, can become complete time.” So is the so-called "accumulation of small to large", it is easy to miss a day, but it is impossible to find it again.

3. Always arrive 5 minutes earlier to form a habit

It is said that Van Dat corporation has an unwritten rule: In all meetings, subordinates must arrive 5 minutes earlier than superiors. Once, a vice chairman Van Dat attended a meeting of the board of directors, he arrived at the meeting room on time, but all the shareholders looked at him with unusual eyes, giving him goosebumps. The second time, he arrived at the meeting room a few minutes earlier, but was still "watched" by everyone.

Later, a colleague told him about this “hidden rule”: No matter how large or small the meeting, subordinates must arrive 5 minutes earlier than superiors.

A reporter once described his experience when he met Bill Gates: "Gate's schedule is like that of the President of the United States, many things are decided in just 5 minutes, there are a few short meetings, exactly the same. like shaking people's hands, it's only measured in seconds."

Cuộc sống thường ngày của chúng ta có thể không cần quá chính xác, nhưng chuẩn bị sớm luôn chỉ có lợi mà không có hại. Bởi vì “Trong 30 năm đầu đời, bạn hình thành thói quen; trong 30 năm cuối đời, thói quen quyết định cuộc đời bạn”.