Task management is too complicated? We make it easy!


Time management

Be able to manage your working time and the schedule of your day.

Get a handle on your work.

When you start your working day, you will see the unfinished tasks that need to be completed, this will allow you to always be on time, no more delays and forgotten tasks, optimize your workflow.

Track work time

Follow the activity time of the other members, save time in the task sharing. Focus on your knowledge.

Time balance

The working time will be counted from the moment you work, you can make a pause when you have personal tasks or lunch for example. At the end of the day, you have access to your working time.


Simplify tasks creation

Creating tasks is quick and easy with everything you need.


Tictop provides all the tasks you need to create an assignment in an area you define.

Dynamic space

Create work for yourself but also for others. Easily move from team work to personal work from a single creation space.


Trạng thái công việc rõ ràng, được xây dựng trên chiến lược làm việc hiệu quả Eisenhower Box, sắp xếp các hoạt động dựa trên tầm quan trọng và tính cấp thiết của chúng.


Follow the work

Follow the progress of your projects thanks to the transparency of your teams' tasks and work time.

Work status

Track the progress of tasks with the status feature and better manage your teams' time.

Work efficiency

Thanks to the transparency of the tasks, have the possibility to know better the individual skills. The combination of knowledge and simple communication tools makes your teamwork optimal.

Work Balance

By having access to the tasks of the employees you have the possibility to better organize the workload of your teams, the goal being to optimize its teams with a good management of the tasks.


Exchange, discuss

Text, video call, organize live meetings on Tictop!


Share and exchange work directly with each member or group.

Short meetings

You can hold short meetings thanks to the timer function, exchange between team members.


Chat helps members to connect with each other.

Smart file management

No need to spend hours searching for attachments.

Search made easy

You can search for attachments from tasks you've done, and messages related to other people/groups.

Large capacity

You can store data, important documents and attach them when creating jobs. No storage on your computer is required thanks to the cloud in tictop.

Permissions and privacy

All files are stored according to your access authorization in the work task to which it is attached. No one can see your files without your permission.