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By the better organization of our company we were able to optimize our time and thus increase our activity at lower cost! Tictop has come up with the best and most suitable solution for us!
Jean Paul
Tictop has allowed us to be efficient no matter where our employees are. We can accompany them, give/receive tasks and conduct meetings with a simple click. It's the right tool for us.
Wehrle Detroye Bertrand

Welcome to Tictop! Professional time and task management solution!


It only requires a few minutes to make management more professional!

Focus on today's work


Simple, easy to use, very efficient!

Focus on your expertise. Tictop organises the work for you! 



Each morning each team member will declare what they plan to do for the day, are you committed to complete the work?



You can always control your work time, manage your tasks for the day and organise your work according to the Eisenhower Box strategy. Your working day becomes more transparent and intuitive!



Exchange, discuss, share, assign work, all on one platform. Follow the progress of group work, share and solve tasks together!

Some great features

We provide all the features you need to have a productive day!

Theo dõi thời gian

Track your work and time of day. Manage employee time efficiently.

Follow the work

You can create a task through voice recording, send files or sketches from anywhere, at anytime.


See the amount of work to be done and the tasks assigned.

Tasks creation guide

Bạn có thể tạo công việc bằng giọng nói, gửi tệp, bản phác thảo ở bất kỳ đâu, bất kể thời gian nào..

Some great features

We provide all the features you need to have a productive day!

● ● ●

    Multi-device support

    Exchange, discuss, share, and assign work on a single platform. Track the progress of group work, share and work together!
    With the mobile app, work from anywhere!

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    IOS & Android

    Complete integration

    In the digital age, Tictop helps your company to optimize workflow, and simplify work and time management to achieve top performance. Above all, it's easy to use and suitable for all businesses!

    Transform your task management. Start today.

    What are you planning to do today?

    Tictop always knows what's going on!

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