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Tictop - Nguồn sáng tạo và cảm hứng

Jean-Paul Mong faced an organizational problem for his employees a few years ago. He, therefore, decided to look for a solution to optimize the management of the company, but nothing met his expectations. So he decides to take matters into his own hands with Ngo Van Tu. They team up and create their own management software called Tictop. In the beginning, it was exclusively intended for internal organizations.

The problem that VIG teams faced at the beginning was the complexity of the existing management tools. Thanks to its experience in development, Jean-Paul Mong’s company has developed its own application. The keywords were, therefore "intuitive" and "easy". The goal was to meet essential needs that allow us to carefully optimize productivity.



Ngoài ra, Tictop được phát triển bởi đội ngũ gồm những thành viên có nhiều năm kinh nghiệm trong việc xây dựng các ứng dụng scalable như Welbi, Synple… Chúng tôi cùng xây dựng, cùng trải nghiệm, và qua rất nhiều thử nghiệm để đưa Tictop ra thị trường như ngày hôm nay…

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