What is Tictop? The meaning behind the name!

Perhaps you are too familiar with names like tiktok social network, clock ticking, etc. And surely, many people are easily confused the first time they hear the phrase Tictop to TikTok or to any other one. So what is special about Tictop and different from other brands and products? Let's discover the meaning behind the name Tictop!

Tictop is a Vietnamese business management platform launched in early September 2021, for the domestic market by Mong Jean Paul, founder of VIG TECHNOLOGY., JSC. It is used for time management, task management and internal information exchange within the enterprise. Although it was just launched not long ago, Tictop has undergone many years of testing, development and operation to bring to customers the simplest but best version!

Tictop is a compound spelling of the words “Ticket” and “The top”. In which the word “Tic” describes the ticking sound of the clock, with the meaning of helping users to use time most effectively, not wasting time, not letting time pass. the word “Top” in “The top” symbolizes rising to the top with the intention of using time to help yourself become better every day than. “Tictop” = “Time to the top”, time is treasure, time is gold, with the concept that to get better, there must be a way to measure performance and manage time. Tictop is the place to effectively manage and measure your time. The main purpose is to shorten the development time, cultivate yourself to become better.

In particular, the highlight is on the Tictop logo. Conceptualized and built on the following criteria: simple, modern, showing the meaning of Tictop, and with a bit of humor of “Working is fun!” . We've built on the familiar image of a clock hand, which represents the measurement of time, and the letter T in “Tictop”, in addition to the letter T. It is also designed based on the shape of the flying plane, with the desire not only of Tictop, but also of Tictop software users to develop and soar further.

Tictop wishes to become a familiar task management platform for millions of Vietnamese customers. Helping you optimize your work management time. From there you have more time to focus on professional work, have time to build other business plans, you will soon achieve your dream and become “The top” in your field.

Tictop team.