Overview of Tictop

Plan your day on Tictop

Have you ever spent hours in the morning thinking about what you need to do today?
Have you ever fallen into a state of “overload” when there are too many things to deal with and the wrong priority!
Tictop will help you plan your work, arrange your work according to the priority that needs to be solved.
To start a productive working day, you need to know what tasks you need to do today? What tasks need to be completed?

1. Start of the working day

You can start calculating the working time of 1 day by clicking the 'Start working' button. Here you can see your current work count, the number of tasks completed the previous day, and the number of tasks that are in the past due status. From there, you will have a broader view of your workload and basically determine what work you need to complete today. Next, select the button to go to the screen to select the tasks. plan to do today.

Once you have an overview of your workload, you can choose what to do today. Or add a new job with the + Create Job button. Select Next to go to the screen to select the tasks you plan to complete today. If you don't select any, you can start the task right away. However, Tictop encourages you to choose a status for your work, which makes it convenient for people to exchange work with you and helps you set goals for what tasks to complete!

Organize your tasks and choose the tasks that need to be completed during the day. You should prioritize completing tasks with a “Urgent and Important” priority. Once done, select the Start working button. You will have a to-do list arranged in order of priority. And especially, the working time on Tictop will start to be counted.

2. Plan your work

Your to-do list will be displayed and sorted by status and priority.

On Tictop, there are 9 task statuses:

  1. Created: Jobs created but there is a plan for this job
  2. to do: Things you will definitely do but haven't done today.
  3. In process: Work in progress, need time to finish it...
  4. Finished: Completed jobs.
  5. Waiting: Jobs waiting to be approved, or waiting for time to do.
  6. Draft: Drafted tasks.
  7. Duplicate: Tasks created but overlap with other jobs.
  8. Archived: The tasks that need to be archived.
  9. Cancelled: Jobs you don't do and want to cancel.

Tasks with status Draft, Duplicate, Archived, Canceled will be hidden on your to-do list the new day after the status is set. Accurate task status settings make it easy to see which tasks you need to get done first. Store the to-dos, don't forget the work.

On Tictop, there are 4 priority levels of work:

  1. Urgent and Important: Tasks that need to be completed urgently and important, need to be prioritized first.
  2. Urgent need: Tasks that are urgent but not important can be prioritized when there is time.
  3. Important: The work that is important but not urgent, can be scheduled to be completed later.
  4. Thoải mái: Những công việc không có yêu cầu về thời gian, có thể hoàn thành bất cứ lúc nào.

Priority on Tictop is built based on Eisenhower matrix. Helps you distinguish priority with each task more clearly. You can learn more about the Eisenhower matrix to better understand its importance in task and time management through the article.

Through the above article, Tictop hopes to be able to help you manage and plan your work more efficiently and flexibly.

Tictop team.

Why should I use tictop for task management and not any other software?

1. We care about customer experience

We care about the customer experience, Tictop will not look at technology through the eyes of people who know technology, but through your eyes. When Tictop looks at technology from a job manager's point of view, Tictop believes in providing the simplest, easiest to understand and easiest to use technology solutions.

2. The solution comes from our own experience

We have encountered the same problem as you, we fully understand the difficulty of managing work in the traditional way and the difficulty of finding software that suits you.

  • Are you looking for a simple task management tool but encounter complicated and difficult to use software with many features you don't use?
  • Does it take your staff a long time to understand and use the standards?
  • Các công cụ quản lý công việc đa phần không có tiếng Việt?
  • Are you afraid of change, afraid of investing costs but not sure if it is effective or not?

These are not only concerns for a manager when it comes to digitizing a business. Tictop itself has also gone through these concerns. Therefore, Tictop understands your feelings and helps you solve these problems.

3. Simple to use

Signing up for Tictop is quick and easy, in less than 15 minutes you can create a Tictop account yourself, set up your organization's information and use it immediately.
Tictop has a friendly interface, the features are clearly shown, you just need to look at it to know how to use it.
Tictop has a series of video tutorials on how to use the features at the youtube channel, detailing how to use them, you can easily search for them to know more about Tictop.
You can watch the video tutorial below: www.youtube.com

4. Tư vấn, hỗ trợ sử dụng chuyên nghiệp, rõ ràng, không có chi phí ẩn

Tictop constantly improves service quality, in order to maximize customer support as well as bring absolute satisfaction from customers. You can easily contact Tictop for further information support at any time.
Tictop always accompanies you on your digital transformation journey.

Tictop team.